b"NPPGA Awards Five ScholarshipsSoren Loyland, Bennett Carter and Sophia Campbell Win NPPGA Scholarships; Olivia Taylor and Nicholas Thompson Are 2019 Potato Bowl USA AmbassadorsSoren Loyland Bennett Carter Sophia CampbellThe Northern Plains Potato Growers BachelorofSciencedegreein A honor roll for 4 years, he has wonAssociationhasnamedthreeaca- Chemical Engineering, with a focus theScholasticWritingSilverKeydemic scholarship winners for 2019. on Bilogical Engineering.Award, and he is an Academic All-To be eligible for an award, the stu- StateSilverTeammember.Hewasdent's family must be NPPGA grow- Soren was an Honor student in high class president for two years and isermemberoraNPPGAPotato schoolandwasamemberofthe currentlystudentbodyAssociate.NationalHonorSociety.Incollege secretary/treasurer.Heplayesfoot-he has been a Deans List student. ball and hockey.Thisyeartwoindependentjudges After graduation Soren would like toselected winners. Judges use scor- work for a pharmaceutical company Bennettplanstoattendtheingguidelinesbasedonacademic or an agricultural biotech company, University of North Dakota to pur-achievementtomaketheirselec- preferrably focusing on the field of sueadegreeinBusinessortions. NPPGA would like to thank genetics. Marketing.HisparentsareAdamall the applicants, and wish all con- andMariaCarterofForestRiver,tinued success. HisparentsareKarnaandMike North DakotaLoylandofThompson,NorthSoren Loyland has been awarded a Dakota. SophiaCampbellhasalsobeen$1,000NorthernPlainsPotato awardeda$1,000NorthernPlainsGrowersResearchandEducation Bennett Carter has been awarded a PotatoGrowersResearchandFoundation Scholarship. Soren is a $1,000NorthernPlainsPotato EducationFoundationScholarship.graduate of Thompson High School, GrowersResearchandEducation SophiaattendedGraftonHighThompson, North Dakota with a 4.2 FoundationScholarship.Bennett SchoolinGrafton,NorthDakota.GPA.Heiscurrentlyattending attended Park River High School in She has been on the A Honor rollColorado School of Mines where he ParkRiver,NorthDakotawitha every quarter of high school and sheplanstograduatein2021witha 3.957 GPA. Bennett has been on the wasinductedintotheNational18 POTATO GROWER SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019"