b'Table 1.Six-month chip evaluation (2018 Crop)45F42F CloneSourceCC1Hunter2GFP3CCHunterGFPClass4NY152NY 265.50.03269.60.02A ND7799c-1ND266.70.02268.40.33A COTX12235-2WTX267.20.08267.20.01A Lamoka NY270.10.03267.10.09A Dakota PearlND366.50.25266.30.13A NY157NY 266.90.03265.20.02A WanetaNY167.00.03264.60.10A Lady ClaireEurope265.70.03263.50.03A W12078-76WI 267.00.10 263.50.02AMSV030-4MI166.80.81262.80.04A NY165NY 262.00.02261.90.03A AF5563-2ME268.20.19366.70.13B AF5563-5ME 169.40.08 365.50.18B ND1328YABC-1ND 266.50.03 364.00.01B AC01144-1WCO 267.90.23 264.01.54BNDTX12203AB-1WTX267.10.35363.90.46B ND7519-1ND263.00.09363.80.01B AF5429-3ME265.30.05363.80.18B NY162NY263.00.05 362.70.41BNCB3171-7NC263.90.08362.60.10B MSZ222-19MI 266.60.14 362.00.78BNDTX1244-3W/YTX264.00.09361.90.09B NC475-3NC261.70.06361.60.17B AORTX09037-1W/YTX264.20.21361.40.25B MSZ219-13MI266.20.04361.10.71B NDTX1246-3WTX264.80.02360.60.08B MSZ219-46MI263.40.22360.60.55B MSW485-2MI363.20.28360.10.84BMackinaw ( MSX540-4 ) MI264.60.01- 5 B 1CC or Chip Color rating based on Snack Food Association five-code chart: 1 and 2 are acceptable, 3 is marginal, 4 and 5 are unacceptable. 2Hunterlab values of 62 or greater may yield acceptable colored chips. Clones are aligned by Class and in order of decreasing Hunterlab values from 42F storage.3GFP is Glucose Forming Potential and is the ratio of tuber glucose/sucrose concentrations.4B provide acceptable chip quality from 45F, but not extended 42F storage. Class A clones may provide acceptable chip quality from both 45 and 42F storage, where Class 5- Missing data. SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019 POTATO GROWER 23'