b'Minnesota Area II Potato Council Field Day ReportBy Andy Robinson, Extension Potato Agronomist, NDSU/UMNThe 2019 Minnesota Area II PotatoCouncilFielddaywasheldatthenewSandPlainsresearchfarmonJuly16,2019.Attendeeshadtheopportunitytoseethenewfarmand learn about the research beingconductedbytheUniversityofMinnesotaresearchers.RonFaber,farm manager, has done a great jobgetting the plots ready for field day.The new farm is coming along wellwithmanynewlinearandcenterpivots set up for research with vari- Ron Faber explains new farm setup.able rate irrigation.Dr. Ian MacRae gave an update onColoradoPotatoBeetles.Hemen-tioned some reports of reduced con-trolofpotatobeetleswithabamectin, although beetle pressurehas not been high this year. He said,Werecontinuingtoseeoverwin-teringadultsshowupinpotatofields.Newaphidsthathesbeenkeeping an eye on, the Damson-hopandtheCannabisaphids.TheAphidAlertisavailableat Brian Bohman discusses his research project.http://aphidalert.blogspot.com/ andDr. MacRae is also testing ColoradoPotato Beetles for insecticide resist-ance. Dr. Laura Shannon and her graduatestudentsgaveanupdateontheUniversityofMinnesotabreedingprogram.Theyarecontinuingtotake inherited selections and cleanthem up to be able to evaluate themfor potential varieties. They are alsoworkingonabigprojecttoseeifthey can breed potatoes as a diploid, Enjoying tacos after the field tours.12 POTATO GROWER SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019'