b'2019 NPPGA Field DayThe Northern Plains Potato Growers try. Dr. Gary Secor, NDSU, spoks on lateAssociation 2019 Field Day was held blight and dickeya and its effect onon Thurday, August 22nd. It started Dr.AndyRobinson,NDSU/UMN the potato industry. He was happyatHoversonFarmsinLarimore, welcomedeveryonetoFieldDay to report no late blight or dickeya inNorth Dakota with a pancake break- andhebeganwithanupdateon the area this year.fast at 7:00 AM. Over 160 growers whatwashappeningwithhisand industry people attended. research at Larimore.Dr.DarrinHaagenson,USDA/ARS,talkedonstorageandprocesingCarl Hoverson welcomed everyone Dr. Ian McRae, UMN, talked about evaluationsofadvancedbreedingtohisfarmforourAnnualField the Colorado Potato Beetle and on clone research that is being done atDay. He thanked all the researchers aphids. He mentioned that they are theUSDA/ARSworksiteinEastatNDSUandUMNfortheirout- seeingalateremergencethisyear GrandForks,Minnesota.Hisfieldstandingcommittmenttothe then in past years. trial at Larimore contained 49 russetresearch that they do. He also invit- clones and 42 chip clones represent-ed Duane Sarge Preston up to say a Dr. Susie Thompson, NDSU, talked ing11publicbreedingprograms.few words. Duane is retired potato about her dual purpose Russet eval- Processing quality will be evaluatedextensionagronomistfrom uation and development. Addition- throughout eight months of storageNDSU/UMN. He has attended many ally,theIrrigatedNorthCentral at contrasting storage temperaturesField Days and his dedication to the Regional Trial and maintenance of (48,45,42,and40F).Inthepotatoindustryisimmense.He out-of-stateselections,andout-of- upcoming2018-19storagecam-thanked everyone for attending and state seedlings are conducted at this paignDarrinsaidthelabwillbehe thanked the researchers for their site. adding the capacity to conduct pres-continued dedication to the indus- sure bruise rating and will test sever-SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019 POTATO GROWER 25'