b'Table 1. Agronomic performance of red-skinned potato cultivars/selections near Crystal, ND, 2021. CultivarStand1Stem/plant2Vine3Vigor4Specific gravity length%numbercm Autumn Rose833.23.5701.081 Cerata893.63.81041.065 CO99076-6R793.03.8711.076 Dark Red Norland863.42.0661.074 Dark Red Norland864.53.0721.072 (Real Potato) MSW 343-2R821.43.5611.059 ND113207-1R823.83.0681.065 ND14113Y-9R854.74.0701.070 ND1431Y-2R853.23.3721.073 ND1455Y-1R843.83.0591.074 NDAF113484B-1861.83.0571.072 Red Norland913.82.3701.072 Red Pontiac853.34.0801.071 Roko873.34.3751.078 Sangre671.53.5551.071 W8890-1R884.14.0761.074 Mean843.3703.41.072 CV82512140.2 LSD p=0.05101.2120.70.004 LSD p=0.181.0100.60.0031Stand count was taken on July 22 (five weeks after planting) by counting every emerged plant and dividing by the number planted. 2Stems per plant were counted on 10 plants on July 22 (five weeks after planting) and are shown as the average number of stems per plant. 3Vine length was measured on three plants from the base of the plant to the vine tip on August 31. 4Vigor evaluation was completed on August 31 (11 weeks after planting). A rating of 1 indicated least vigor and 5 greatest vigor. 12 POTATO GROWER FEBRUARY 2022'