b'Table 3. Agronomic performance of yellow-skinned potato cultivars/selections near Crystal, ND, 2021.CultivarStand1Stem/plant2Vine3Vigor4Specific gravity length%numbercm A00286-3Y873.3664.81.078 Actrice833.3682.01.064 Agata813.7622.81.076 Alegria813.3752.81.080 Arizona844.2633.01.061 Belmonda783.6724.51.084 Cascada874.5664.01.072 CO05037-3W/Y795.1682.31.082 CO10064-1W/Y894.7643.01.088 CO11250-1WY866.4753.81.084 CO11266-1W/Y844.3743.31.080 Constance884.7753.31.081 Crop 56855.0884.01.078 Crop 58813.3742.81.072 Crop 80864.6794.01.076 Dania804.6763.81.072 Electra854.8673.31.068 Gala834.0713.01.075 Jelly823.4724.51.074 Lanorma844.0823.31.066 Melody832.8823.81.067 Montreal843.7662.81.074 Musica813.7763.81.069 ND1241-1Y842.7633.81.091 ND1487-1Y884.9804.01.073 NDA081451CB-1CY883.6723.51.084 Noelle907.2682.51.072 Obama844.6773.31.072 Paroli884.4743.01.071 W13103-2Y853.4653.31.070 W15240-2Y894.3683.01.070 W15248-17Y892.4572.31.070 Mean854.1713.31.075 CV82212160.6 LSD p=0.05ns1.3120.70.009 LSD p=0.1ns1.1100.60.0081 Stand count was taken on July 22 (five weeks after planting) by counting every emerged plant and dividing by the number planted. 2 Stems per plant were counted on 10 plants on July 22 (five weeks after planting) and are shown as the average number of stems per plant. 3 Vine length was measured on three plants from the base of the plant to the vine tip on August 31. 4 Vigorevaluation was completed on August 31 (11 weeks after planting). A rating of 1 indicated least vigor and 5greatest vigor.14 POTATO GROWER FEBRUARY 2022'