b'Yellow Market Continues To Grow by Ted Kreis, NPPGA Communications Director The Yukon Gold potato variety hit themarketwaybackin1980. Admired for its beautiful yellow skin color, it soon became popular with consumersbutgrowthandwide-spread popularity was slowed by the Yukon Golds susceptibility to com-mon diseases. Although many consumers still refer to all yellow-skin potatoes as Yukon Golds, the truth is that most yellow-skin potatoes on the market today are newer varieties, many of which were developed in Europe.These newer varieties are less chal-lengingtogrowandstoreforthe farmer,andhaveabrighterand moreblemish-freeappearancefor the consumer. This has made it pos-sible for the yellow potato market to explode over the past decade.4 POTATO GROWER FEBRUARY 2022'