b'NPPGA Research Reporting ConferenceAlerus Center Grand Forks, North DakotaFebruary 15, 20228:00-9:00 AM RegistrationDonuts and Coee 9:00-9:20 Potato Agronomy Management Studies Dr. Andy Robinson, NDSU-UMN Extension Agronomist9:20-9:25 Late Blight Spore Trapping Network for Minnesota & North Dakota Dr. Andy Robinson, NDSU-UMN Extension Agronomist9:25-9:55 Genetic Improvement & Potato Cultivar Development for the Northern Plains Dr. Susie Thompson, NDSU9:55-10:10 Identifying Eective Cover Crops for Managing the Root-lesion, Nematode Pratylenchus Penetrans Dr. Guiping Yan, NDSU10:10-10:25 Break10:25-10:35 Management of Colorado Potato Beetle 2021 Dr. Ian MacRae, UMN-Crookston10:35-10:45 Managing PVY Vectors 2021 Dr. Ian MacRae, UMN-Crookston10:45-11:00 Proximal & Remote Sensing-based Non-destructive Diagnosis of Potato Nitrogen Status Dr. Yuxin Miao, NDSU11:00-11:45NPPGA Annual Business Meeting11:45-1:00PM L U N C H& POSTER SESSION (Sponsored by Bremer Bank and Potato Associates)1:00-1:15 Evaluating Selected Legacy UMN Potato Cultivars for Nitrogen E\x00ciency & Potential for Release Dr. Laura Shannon, UMN 1:15-1:30 Impact of Bannock Seed Age on Yield Components Dr. Darrin Haagenson, USDA-ARS1:30-2:00 Nutrient Management Studies on Irrigated PotatoesDr. Carl Rosen, UMN2:00-2:15 Break2:15-2:35 Adjusting Planting Date for the Management of Verticillium Wilt Dr. Julie Pasche, NDSU2:35-2:40 Support of Irrigated Potato Research for North Dakota and Minnesota Dr. Julie Pasche, NDSU2:40-3:00 Potato Agronomy Management Studies Dr. Andy Robinson, NDSU-UMN Extension Agronomist20 POTATO GROWER FEBRUARY 2022'