b'By Paul Schneider Jr., AG-USABelowareafewtestimoniesfromourcurrent potato-growing customers who usedour MycorrPlus soil amendment. These areall small-scale growers. We would love tohelpyouachievelessinsectpressure,crumbly soil and wonderful yields as well!Here is what some of our customers haveshared with us: At harvest the soil was very loose andcrumbly. The tubers were large andMicrobes have aerated this soil Compacted soil, lacking in aerobic microbeswell-formed. We had a bumper crop! Some of my Kennebec potatoes were wilted plant. Fix carbon to build topsoil; burn carbon7 to 8 long, 1 to 1.25 lbs. Customers When it came time to harvest, I was and you deplete soilwere overcome by the good taste! blown away by the mycorrhizal fungi Nature has an amazing ability to fix carbonall over the roots. I believe that back into the soil. In years past, our American We had lots of nice potatoes. I have symbiotic relationship between plant prairie land grasses had fixed enough carbonnoticed that the soil structure has and root was the key to our success. to create 30 to 50 feet of deep organic soilchanged in the areas treated with with 8% organic matter. Most of that is nowMycorrPlus. It is more crumbly. I The root structures were amazing. gone.Thanks for an awesome product. Our farms have this same ability to buildnoticed greater root mass in treatedPotato bugs are dying right next to the organic matter. We can utilize crop residuesareas. I see a lot more earthworms in andcovercrops,butmoreimportantly,treated areas. potato plants. We believe that they are maximize carbon sequestration.Quite a few potatoes are bigger than dying from eating such high brix Sadly, we also have the ability to oxidizemy hand with a lot of mycorrhizae potatoes, or perhaps from beneficial and burn off organic matter (CO 2 ) throughgrowing on the potatoes themselves. bugs thriving in the area and they are burning, clearing, tillage, over-fertilization,eradicating our issues. What a biocides and bare fallowing our land. MycorrPlus raised the brix level in our turnaround from the prior year! Organic matter from plant residue is usedpotato plants. The insects didnt dare upwithinjusttwoyears.Carbonthatistouch them, while they decimated The answer to really improving potato yields sequestered by the plant is much more stable,pigweed right next to potato plants. I isfoundinthelifeofthesoil.Wehave staying in the soil for a hundred or more years.customers who have notable increases in potato Therefore, carbon sequestration is the besthad a few potato plants with bugs, but production, with reduced insect pressure and way to increase organic matter in the soil.not like previous years. reduced cost of inputs. MycorrPlus helps to kick carbon sequestration To say I was impressed with the results intohighgear,whichsteadilybuildsupof MycorrPlus is an understatement. I Highly structured soil massively increases organic matter and soil life.nutrient availability MycorrPlus works even better when usedplanted 75 pounds of seed potatoes; Eighty percent of the availability of nutrients with practices like cover crops and utilizingmy final potato harvest was in the has to do with how much of the surface area of cropresidues.AG-USAsMycorrPlus-F1200-pound range. mineral particles are exposed. Air gaps in the foliarfertilizerandSupressPlusfungicide Overall, the flavor of our potatoes was soilcreateaLOTofsurfacearea,making alternative also help this soil building process.exceptional. At the farmers market I nutrients much more available to the plant. Independent Research Opportunitywas told every week how excellent our Moreover, 80% of essential minerals and We are looking for five potato farmers whoproduce was. I have no doubt the tracemineralsarecationsthatsticktothis would like to use MycorrPlus on a trial basisMycorrPlus was a major factor. aerated surface. on a minimum of 15 acres. From these, weMycorrPlus does a great job of aerating the will choose two to work with an independent What impressed me the most was the soil. It does this by: research firm. All five farmers will receiveplants ability to deal with stress. InHelping to kick carbon sequestration by the discounted pricing for the acres they plantMid-June we had almost five inches of plant into high gear. with the AG-USA program.rain in two days. I thought for sure IHelping to establish conditions in the soil Please email us or give us a call if you arewas going to lose half my crop, as it where mycorrhizal fungi flourish. interested in being one of the five.was under water for almost 12 hours. To learn more about MycorrPlus, you canThe plants pushed through. What thenBacteria, fungi and earthworms then work visit our website: www.AG-USA.netfollowed was 21 days without rain. together to develop a carbon sponge in theNever once in that time did I see a soil, retaining moisture. Or call 888-588-3139 today and ask for afree information packet.Learn more at: www.AG-USA.net/peanuts.phpor call 888-588-3139 for a free information packet.AG-USA,PO Box 73019,Newnan, GA30271www.AG-USA.net'