b'Farmers Should Make ARC-PLC Election Decisions By March 15 NDSU Extension Has Developed An Online Tool To Aid Producers In Making This DecisionFarmerscanelectcoverageandnationalmarketingyearaveragethis decision. The tool can be found enrollincrop-by-cropAgriculturalprice for a covered commodity fallsathttps://www.ndsu.edu/agricul-Risk Coverage-County (ARC-CO) orbelow its effective reference price.ture/ag-hub/ag-topics/farm-man-Price Loss Coverage (PLC) programsCoveredcommoditiesincludebar- agement. withineachFarmServiceAgencyley,canola,largeandsmallchick-(FSA) farm unit, or ARC-Individualpeas,corn,crambe,flaxseed,grainContactyourlocalFSAofficeto fortheentirefarm,forthe2022sorghum, lentils, mustard seed, oats,make this election. crop year, says Ron Haugen, Northpeanuts,drypeas,rapeseed,long DakotaStateUniversity(NDSU)grain rice, medium and short grainFor more information on ARC and Extensionfarmmanagementspe- rice,safflowerseed,seedcotton,PLC, farmers can go to the FSA web-cialist.sesame,soybeans,sunflowerseedsite at https://www.fsa.usda.gov/arc-and wheat.plc or contact their local FSA office.Although election changes for 2022 are optional, enrollment by signedNDSU Extension has developed an contract is required for each year ofonline tool to aid farmers in making the program.Thisisanannualdecisionthat farmers need to make, Haugen says. Ifanelectionisnotsubmittedby the deadline of March 15, the elec-tion defaults to the current election for crops on the farm from the prior crop year.ARC provides income support pay-ments on historical base acres when actual crop revenue declines below a specified guaranteed level. PLC pro-vides income support payments on historicalbaseacreswhenthe 22 POTATO GROWER FEBRUARY 2022'