b'Andys Advice: North Dakota Fresh Market Potato Cultivar/Selection Trial Results for 2021 By Andy Robinson, Extension Potato Agronomist, NDSU/UMN, Eric Brandvik, Research Specialist, NDSU,Peter Ihry, Agriculture Technician, NDSUskinnedpotatocultivarsandon July 22. Plant stand was meas-advanced selections at Crystal, N.D.ured on 10 plants on August 9. Vine Sixteen red-skinned cultivars and 32lengthwasmeasuredonthree yellow-skinned cultivars were evalu- plants from the base of the plant to ated.PlotswereestablishedinathevinetiponAugust31.Vigor commercial,non-irrigatedpotatoevaluationwascompletedon field utilizing common potato-pro- August 31. A rating of 1 indicated ductionpractices.Theauthorsleast vigor and 5 greatest vigor. Plots acknowledge J.G. Hall and Sons forwereharvestedonSeptember29 hosting these trials.and 30th with a single-row plot har-vester. Priortoplanting,ureaat120 pounds of nitrogen (N) per acre wasAfter harvest, potatoes were stored broadcast and incorporated. A ran- at 55 F until grading. The tuber size domizedcompleteblockdesignprofile distribution was determined Potato cultivars or selections includ- withfourreplicates ed in this report were selected fromwasutilized.Seed recently released cultivars, advanc- tuberswerehandcut ing selections with release potentialtoapproximately2-(numberedlinesprogressingounce seed pieces prior through the trial process), or culti- to planting; an excep-varsthatarenewtotheU.S.tionwasthecultivar StandardpotatocultivarsusedbyObama,whichwas growers served as checks. For com- plantedusingwhole parison, studies conducted in 2019seed tubers. (https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/publica-tions/crops/north-dakota-fresh- Tuberswereplanted market-potato-cultivar-selection- on June 17, 2021, in a trial-results-for-2019)and2020single row with 9-inch (https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/publica- within-rowspacing. tions/crops/north-dakota-fresh- Plots were 3 feet wide market-potato-cultivar-selection- and 30 feet long. trial-results-for-2020)evaluatedred and yellow-skinned fresh potatoes. Stand and stem counts In 2021, two trials were conductedon 10 plants in a row to identify traits of red- and yellow- in each plot was taken 10 POTATO GROWER FEBRUARY 2022'