b'NPC Wants You In DCby Kam Quarles, NPC Executive Vice President and CEOU.S.potatogrowersandindustryMembers of Congress to communi-partnersfromaroundthecountrycate the industrys policy priorities, are invited to the nations capital forincluding:aggressivelypursuing the new NPC Washington Summit,tradeopportunities;investingin Feb.28-March3,2022,tohelpuspotatoscienceandresearch;pro-fulfill our mission of Standing Upmotingagriculturetransportation for Potatoes on Capitol Hill. efficiencies; and supporting ag labor reform. After last years virtual meeting, we are excited to get the industry backIn 2022, we are excited to continue together in person for a new eventthemomentumwebuiltlast thatcombinestheNPCannualFebruarytopromotepoliciesthat meetingandtheindustrysgrass- will improve the competitiveness of rootslobbyingevent,previouslyU.S. growers and enhance the abili-NPCknown as the Potato D.C. Fly-In. Wetyforpotato-relatedbusinessesto hope this broader singular meetingthrive.will welcome in more grower lead-ers and industry supporters who areAttendeesjoiningusinWashing-Messageinterestedindiscussing,defining,ton, D.C. will get a chance to hear and advocating for their businessesdirectly from Beltway insiders who and protecting their ability to farm. can provide us insight on the cur-rentlegislativeandregulatorycli-DespitetheCOVID-inflictedchal- mates. This yearas things set up lenges,the2021eventsawthefor a likely power-shifting Midterm broadest participation in the historyelectionwill be particularly impor-of the meeting. Attendees had thetantforgrowerstogainabetter opportunitytoheardirectlyfromunderstanding of the political envi-industrychampionsSenatorSusanronmentinwhichlegislatorsand Collins(R-Maine)andSenatorJimadvocacygroupslikeourswillbe Risch (R-Idaho), as well as key staffoperating.membersfromtheSenate AgricultureCommittee.AttendeesWhileNPCandthestatepotato also joined their state potato organ- organization are always looking out izationsforvirtualvisitswith46for the best policy interests of our 8 POTATO GROWER FEBRUARY 2022'