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M A Y J U N E 2 0 1 6 POTATO GROWER 29 process in the field after vine kill. Plantovita is the official supervisory testing laboratory in South Africa. Regional testing laboratories may be owned by growers or companies. However they work under supervision of Plantovita. In the Laboratory of Northern Cape in Douglas Ms. Anl Espach Technical Manager of Plantovita explained that virus testing is done on sprouts with ELISA and bac- terial wilt testing is done on tubers with ELISA. They are also using some PCR. The supervisory laboratories have added functions such as testing for import and in-vitro production. Another seed potato producer is Wesgrow with headquarters in Christiana and a quarantine and tissue culture facility and a mini tuber pro- duction plant. The Rascal Nuclear Stock facility is the quarantine genebank micropropaga- tion and minituber production site for the WesGrow group. Ms. Margaret Rebombo the manager showed a very impressive contained microplant han- dling facility. Separation of quarantine and production was well explained. Mr. Dawie Ras the managing director and Mr. DD Joshi the production manager showed their minituber pro- duction tunnels. They have two sys- tems for minituber production aero- ponics and vermiculite based produc- A rogueing crew is walking through a field of Mr. Frank Lawrence. dinrcoeRtcampI tenesrept reside bvores ppaphur sO detroppud snd aetesh tcraeesR iceveDgn evita maeur tor yoa fotatle dbaniotcA tsacpf ime ogeravav ppp .yy.tiervee s faceurd snn aiotleraacce esuire btaimto esics ttsiertracahc t aacph imtoes bsuIRDehy tlOn 517-322-0250 MOC.C.TECHMARK-INWWWW.TECHMARK-IN