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M A Y J U N E 2 0 1 612 POTATO GROWER may or may not become a challenge for US certification. Promotion of the Standard The East African region is currently discussing customization of seed marketing legislation for the region. The delegation from Kenya indicat- ed that it would be helpful to have further input from the UNECE group. There is a promise to work with the delegation of Kenya to pro- mote use of the UNECE standard in East Africa. The delegation of Australia gave an update on converting the Tuber Disease Guide into a mobile device app. Windows Android and Apple Website The trilingual list of pests will be kept on the website as it is. The pic- tures are appreciated. The EU countries are in the process of updating the comparison tables of tolerances and will report to the European Seed Certification Agencies Association ESCAA. Conducting a similar exercise for the non-EU schemes may be consid- ered. Collection and publication of each seed potato certification rules should be done or a link to these rules should be provided via the UNECE web pages. The list of certification agencies Designated Authorities under the UNECE Standard and the contact details therein are out of date. Another survey should be conduct- ed of certification programs to update the programs and the con- tact list. A survey will be submitted to the meeting in Geneva to update the work done in 2001. Future meetings are planned for August 31 thru September 2 2016 and March 29 thru 31 2017 in Geneva.