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M A Y J U N E 2 0 1 6 POTATO GROWER 27 Jeff Suttle Retires From ARS The Northern Plains Potato Growers Association NPPGA would like to recognize Dr. Jeff Suttle on his retirement effective April 1st after 37 years of federal service as Research Leader for the Agricultural Research Service office in Fargo. The direction of our local UDSA-ARS under the leadership of Dr. Jeff Suttle has been an essential compo- nent of our research and education- al capabilities fulfilling needs not only on the local level but also for potato producers across the country. Dr. Suttle is recognized as a leader and innovator and is widely respect- ed by his peers throughout the United States. He has led his team at the USDA-ARS Sugarbeet and Potato Research Unit to new levels of expertise and has strongly support- ed the United States potato industry and we appreciate his dedication to the industry. In 1991 Dr. Suttles research was redirected to the topic of potato tuber dormancy and he was trans- ferred to the Northern Crop Science Laboratory Fargo North Dakota. In 1999 Dr. Suttle was appointed Research Leader of the Sugarbeet Potato Research Unit. Throughout his career Dr. Suttles research inter- ests have focused on the physiology of plant growth regulators. Dr. Suttle has published over 83 fully refereed articles review papers and book chapters. Collectively Dr. Suttles research on the hormonal control of tuber dormancy has formed the nucleus of our current understanding of the regulation of this agriculturally important phe- nomenon and is providing the impetus to develop improved genet- ic methods to reduce or eliminate the use of chemical sprout control agents. His stature in the interna- tional scientific community is evi- denced by over ten invitations to present research findings at national and international meetings. Dr. Suttle served on the editorial boards of the journals Plant Physiology Plant Growth Regulation and Journal of Plant Growth Regulation and as senior editor for the American Journal of Potato Research. By invitation he has served as panel co-chair of the Postharvest Section of the U.S. - Israel BARD granting agency on the scientific advisory committee for the International Plant Dormancy Symposium Working Group apan- elist for the USDA-NRI. His expert- ise on sprout control and potato storage is sought by the industry. Dr. Suttle has been the recipient of three ARS post-doctoral awards. NPPGA speaking on behalf of its staff growers and associate mem- bers would like to thank Jeff for his many years of service to the potato industry and wish him the very best as he retires from public service and begins a new chapter in his life. NPPGA President Chuck Gunnerson right with Dr. Jeff Suttle left at his retirement party.