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MayJune 2016 81 247 CONTENTS 3 NPPGA Marketing Message 6 Potatoes USA Message 8 NPC Message 10 UNECE Meeting On Seed Potatoes 15 Potatoes USA Elects New Leadership 16 Andys Advice Calculating Potato Seed 18 Chip Cultivar Trial In Inkster North Dakota 20 2015 Fresh Market Potato Trial Crystal North Dakota 28 Seed Potatoes In South Africa On the cover This is a field being planted just outside of Hoople North Dakota. Photo courtesy of Willem Schrage NorthernPlainsPotatoGrowersAssociation P.O.Box301 420BusinessHighway2 EastGrandForksMN56721 O F F I C I A L P U B L I C A T I O N O F T H E N O R T H E R N P L A I N S P O T A T O G R O W E R S A S S O C I A T I O N Non-ProfitOrg. U.S.Postage PPAAIIDD FargoD PermitNo.152 MayJune2016 Publisher Northern Plains Potato Growers Assn. General Manager Todd Phelps NPPGA Staff President Chuck Gunnerson Finance and Operations Director Diane Peycke Marketing and Communications Director Ted Kreis NPPGA Executive Committee Chair Lonnier Spokely Vice Chair Greg Campbell SecretaryTreasurer Eric Halverson ND Council Representative Greg Campbell MN Council Representative Justin Dagen Potato Associate Representative Todd Phelps Past Chair Don Suda Valley Potato Grower is published 8 times annually at P.O. Box 301 East Grand Forks MN 56721. Telephone 218 773- SPUD. Fax 218 773-6227. E-mail Subscription no charge in U.S. Canada 401-year Foreign 601-year. Advertising call 218 773-SPUD. Editor welcomes manuscripts and pictures but accepts no responsibility for lost materials. Reproduction in whole or in part of materials in this issue without permission is prohibited. Copyright 2016 Northern Plains Potato Growers Association. All rights reserved. Please Come Enjoy Potato Golf Open 2016 and Potato Associate Day Thursday July 21st Hill Crest Golf Course Park River N.D. Questions Contact the Northern Plains Potato Growers Association. 218-773-3633 All involved in the potato industry are welcome M A Y J U N E 2 0 1 62 POTATO GROWER