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M A Y J U N E 2 0 1 6 POTATO GROWER 7 who are time-sensitive and conven- ience minded. Washington food trucks are particularly renowned for being trendsetting. They drive a lot of the innovation and excitement in this fast-paced growing area of foodservice responding to the fast food to you paradigm. Working with the food truck manu- facturer who created Washington D.C.s food truck regulations Potatoes USA has created a food truck which conforms to this citys one parking space maximum 18.5- foot length requirement. But we have also built a 12-foot custom trailer complete with four 50-pound fryers and additional cooking and serving space. When not operating on the streets of the District this food truck and wagon duo will be promoting innovative potato recipes at regional events and festi- vals where hundreds of thousands of consumers will be enjoying music cultural activities and pota- toes. We are also working with the United States Department of Agriculture to participate in their weekly USDA Farmers Market on the National Mall. Washington D.C. is the right place to have a food truck. Its home to an influential millennial population. Millennials spend more money din- ing out than any other generation and they are moving into their key buying years. From 35-45 years they will spend even more money going out to eat and we are influencing their palette early on. In our Spud Nation food trucks we are presenting potatoes in unexpect- ed waysshowcasing convenience diversity and variety delicious foods and global flavors. Whats more these food trucks are global test kitchens where customer interac- tion and instant feedback abounds as our chefs test recipes and flavors. This is an exciting time to be in the food industry and it is great to be the number one consumed veg- etable in the United States and around the world.