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M A Y J U N E 2 0 1 6 POTATO GROWER 25 Turning Back The Clock A Look Back 25 Years Ago at Excerpts from The May 1991 Issue of The ValleyPotato Grower Magazine United Sponsors June Fresh Month The United Fresh Fruit Vegetable Association is launching the first month long celebration of fresh fruits and vegetables this June with Fresh Month. Helping to spread the word about Fresh Month are THE FRUGIES pronounced fru-jees a whimsical collection of 19 fruit and vegetable caricatures created by the world famous cartoonist Mort Drucker and Walt Disney World advertising copywriter Mitchell Erick. Use of THE FRUGIES marks the first time that characters are being used for the generic promotion of all fresh produce. THE FRUGIES illus- trate how varied fresh produce items are in taste color texture and nutritional value. Drucker con- ceived the word frugies by com- bining the words fruit and veggies. The concept of the gang came from Erick and working as a team they carefully developed their characters inspired more often than not by characteristics inherent in real fruits and vegetables. THE FRUGIES cast includes Adam Apple Squeezer Madam Carla CarrotTina Tomato Onion JoyE. J. Cobb Rudy Potato I. C. Berg Miss Sweety Pie Priscilla Pineapple Banana Split The Beautiful Bunch Peach Velour Pepe LPepper Wally Watermelon Penelope Pear Auntie Broccoli Susie Strawberry and Lord Mush- room. George Dunlop President of United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association said We are establish- ing June as the month to celebrate the joys and pleasures associated with fresh produce because although produce is plentiful year- round supplies are especially abun- dant during June. United is working with supermar- kets in an effort to convey to con- sumers the outstanding merits of fruits and vegetables and to encour- age them to increase their con- sumption. In addition Fresh Month comes on the heels of the Federal Governments new Dietary Guidelines which recommends Americans choose a diet with at least five servings of fruits and veg- etables per day. Highest R-Value Insulation Moisture Barriers Fire Proofing Flat Roofs The Insulation Place 14770 69th Place NE Grafton ND 58237 LL LL Urethane Spray-On Insulation Eliminates air infiltration stops condensation Grafton 701 352-3233 1-800-352-0620 Bismarck 701 255-0025 1-866-425-0025 Website