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M A Y J U N E 2 0 1 66 POTATO GROWER By Blair Richardson President and CEO Potatoes USA Potatoes USA is sending Spud Nation the potato industrys first self-funding marketing program to Washington D.C. This is the first food truck owned by farmers to inspire consumers with a field-to- fork potato adventure. Our Nations Capital is home to an active vibrantly progressive street food market where food trucks abound. Food trucks are one of the fastest growing markets in foodser- vice Over the past two years there was an almost 200 increase in sales from food trucks serving meals across the U.S. Food trucks appeal to consumers who are called Vibrant Diners. From Potatoes USA research this target is a grouping which falls with- in the Adventurous Diners and Live to Eat market segments. This food-truck target-consumer trends heavily toward millennials who are male and they are important because they influence other con- sumers. This is how trends often begin in the food world. This gener- ations age range is 18-34 so they tend to be younger. Vibrant Diners live in higher income households with annual income averaging 70000. In education 52 percent have college or advanced degrees and 57 are employed full or part- time. Vibrant Diners are adventurous eaters who favor potatoes. They have 5.2 average weekly potato meal occasions while the general population eats potatoes 4.1 times a week. They are frequent diners who often eat on the run. They prefer fresh foods over frozen or canned alternatives but they are on the lookout for quick and easy meal options. In their dining experiences Vibrant Diners are looking for variety and adventure. Food truck menu offer- ings fulfill this need with potato dishes drawn from the Boards pro- grams in 23 countries around the world. They enjoy different types of food and seek variety in everyday life. They choose tasteful food options caring more about indulging food cravings over mak- ing healthy mealtime selections. Food trucks are magnificently posi- tioned to serve bustling patrons PotatoesUSA Message D.C. Diners to Experience Spud Nation Food Truck