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M A Y J U N E 2 0 1 6 POTATO GROWER 9 and they often get misinterpreted by news outlets who need big head- lines. When the results are sensa- tionalized and applied too broadly the studies are publicly given more significance than is scientifically accurate. In the case of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines published every 5 years Epi studies have served as a major source of data to establish guidance on what components of diet should be added avoided or reduced. Relying largely on Epi data is trou- blesome as it does not carry the weight of studies specifically designed to look at clinical effects. Once clinical data is available dietary advice is likely to change which confuses consumers and cre- ates conflicting messages. Another important public policy area relying on Epi data with a direct effect on growers is EPAs eval- uation of insecticides for their effects on human health. In a cur- rent case where EPA is seeking to revoke the tolerances for an organophosphate product one or two Epi studies are being used to supplant the findings of hundreds of animal clinical studies that sup- ported the safety of the product. This could lead to the removal of the product from the market. To make matters worse in this example the raw data from the studies is not available for review by the scientific community. For growers it means one less tool to combat crop damage when a pesticide is banned without a credible scientific review. For con- sumers it can mean a more limited food supply and higher prices. NPC has consistently called for sound scientific principles in the regulatory process. When clinical studies are available they should be given priority by federal agencies policy review panels and govern- ment experts. Just as good data makes for a good crop it leads to the best decision-making when developing policy. Rethink Harvest with a Crop Cart - The perfect holding tank to keep harvesting between trucks - Link the Crop Cart via GPS to the Harvester to maintain position - Use in multiple crops year round