b'couldhelpexplaintheeffectsoflatefound in the field, because a dead sporeexperimental and registered chemistries. planting. We thank Hoverson Farms forcould be captured from that air. Grower standard treatments are includ-hosting us at this location. ed in all trials to allow comparisons in NDSU Potato Pathologydiseasemanagementbetweennew Dr. Julie Pasche, NDSU and Dr. Garyfungicidesandfungicideswithwhich Inkster, North Dakota Secor, NDSUgrowers are familiar. The placement of Asmentionedearlier,PhDstudentfungicides in a program will be evaluat-Phabian Makokha, has row spacing trialsA challenging planting season for 2022ed to enable growers to obtain the great-here. A new study is being conducted tois behind us and we look forward to aest reductions in disease while aiming to determinewhateffectsproductsthatsuccessful field trial season, generatingminimize inputs. We thank the NPPGA, claim the improve recovery from herbi- results towards answering disease man- CavendishFarmsandJRSimplot cide damage do. We are looking at a sim- agementdecisions.Thisyear,NDSUCompany and the Forest River Colony ulated soil carryover of imazamox and apotato pathology will conduct field tri- forsupportingtheresearchatthe foliar simulated tank contamination ofalsacrosseasternNorthDakotaandInkster, North Dakota irrigated research dicamba. We also have some herbicidewest-central Minnesota with an ultimatesite. trialstoevaluatesomenewandoldergoalofimprovingmanagementprac-chemistries.ThankstoDeanPetersonticesfordiseasesimportanttolocalTrialsalsoarebeingconductedatthe and Russel Benz and their team for sup- growers. These trials are being conduct- NPPGAInkstersitetoevaluateseed-porting the trials at Inkster. ed at the NPPGA irrigated research site atborne disease management. Seed treat-Inkster,NorthDakota,aswellasinmentandin-furrowexperimentaland Hoople, Noth Dakota cooperatinggrowerfieldsnearLisbon,registeredfungicidesandbiological We are continuing the yellow and redNorth Dakota, Park Rapids, Minnesota,products will be tested for the manage-varietytrialswherewillbelookingatand elsewhere. The success of these trialsmentofRhizoctoniastemandtuber graded yield and storability. The numberis again in thanks to the excellent workcanker, and silver scurf blemish of table of red- and yellow-skinned tuber is lowerof the field crew lead by Dean Petersonpotatoes. Because we have learned that this year. If you know of a variety youdand Russell Benz. This year we are alsofield trials are not amenable to testing likeincludedinthisworkpleaseletfortunatetohavethetechnicalassis- productsformanagingFusariumseed Andy Robinson ([email protected] ortance of Kal Larson and Jacory Ingram indecay, we use a modified lab technique 701-219-9646) know about it. We planthe field. Many others are involved into inoculate and treat fresh cut seed and ondemonstratingtubersfromthesefield planning and data collection andincubated2-3weeksforefficacydata. variety trials at field day and at a winteranalysis including Viviana Rivera-Varas,Fusariumdiseasecancauseweakand TaterTalk.ThefreshpotatotrialsareJudithRengifo,Dr.FranciscoBittara,unproductive plants and is frequently a hosted by JG Hall & Sons. RachelSelstedt,Dr.AnnaStasko,Dr.predisposing infection site for bacterial Binod Pandey, Dr. Marcio Zaccaron, Dr.soft rot decay. This year, we are also con-The late blight spore trapping networkArslanSarwar,IpsitaMallikandSunilducting three seed treatment and in-fur-thisyearwillbespreadacrossNorthShrestha.row trials for management of silver scurf Dakota and Minnesota potato growingblemish of table potatoes. This is a seed-areas. Thank you to all the grower coop- As in the past, the NPPGA irrigated sitebornedisease;therefore,plantingseed erators who send in the filters each weekat Inkster, North Dakota will be utilizedpotatoes free of the pathogen is a pri-to make this project possible. The pur- by the pathology team to evaluate fungi- mary method for management. For seed pose of the spore traps is to determine ifcides for the management of the foliarlots infected with silver scurf, managing there are any late blight spores in the air.phaseofblackdotandearlyblight.inoculum on the seed using a fungicide It does not indicate that late blight isThesetrialsincludetheevaluationofseedtreatmentwillhelpreducesilver 12 POTATO GROWER JULY/AUGUST 2022'