b'Fingerling,RedNorlandandYukonDakota Specialty Crop Block Grant pro- Michigan, and North Dakota. As part of Gold;itisgrownontheNDSUMaingram, and others for research funding inthis exchange we are growing approxi-Station, with a focus on urban agricul- support of our research efforts. The pota- mately30FY3and4clonesfromthe turalists.tobreedingprogramissupportedbybreedingprogramsatNorthDakota KellyPeppel(researchspecialist),DickStateUniversity,MichiganState TheNDSUpotatobreedingprogram(Richard)Nilles(researchtechnician),University,andtheUniversityof seedlingnursery,seedmaintenanceViviana Rivera (research specialist), grad- Wisconsin. This not only provides data plots, and increase lots are planted southuate students Tannis Anderson, Hashimon how our early stage clones perform of Baker, Minnesota. All lots are enteredAndidi,andDavidNgure,andunder- in multiple environments, but facilitates forcertificationwiththeMinnesotagraduate student Elizabeth Krause.thedevelopmentofgenomicselection Department of Agriculture. In 2022, themodels across the four programs.seedlingnurseryincludessinglehillsSandsPlainsResearchFarm, from111families,andout-of-stateBecker, Minnesota All clones in our program are genotyped seedlings from Idaho, Maine, and Texas.Dr. Laura Shannon, UMNafter they are selected in the second field Productionfrommaintenanceandyear. We will combine the trait data we increase lots is used to maintain breed- The SPRF is the breeding programs trialstarted collecting in 2019 with the geno-ing program genotypes and seed is usedlocation.We have planted a variety oftypestocreatemathematicalmodels for research trials, and shared with col- trials examining yield, nitrogen use effi- which allow us identify promising par-laboratorsatNDSU,andresearchandciency, dormancy, and verticillium wiltentsforfurthercrossing.Thisworkis industryfolksinNorthDakota,resistance as well as experiments explor- part of a USDA-NIFA SCRI funded grant Minnesota, and beyond.As in previousing how diploid and tetraploids differ in(www.polyploids.org for more informa-years, Chilean selections from the INIAphenotypic range and response to bothtion). programatOsorno,Chile,arebeingenvironment and domestication. evaluated and/or increased in collabora- In collaboration with Dr. Carl Rosen, Dr. tionwithDrs.GarySecorandJulioThe breeding program is in its fifth yearXiaoxi Meng, a post doc in the lab, is Kalazich included in the 2022 certifiedandsoweareabletoevaluateclonesscreeningthebreedingprogramfor seed field are two mapping populationsfrom FY4 and 5 at the SPRF this summer. nitrogenefficientmaterial.Shehas segregatingforskinsetanddiseaseAlthoughweusuallyevaluateFY3asplanted 58 breeding program clones and resistance;progenyofthered-skinnedwell, low yield of seed from the NCROC16 checks at four nitrogen (N) levels: full family will be evaluated this fall in col- in 2021 means we need another year ofN (240 lbs/ac for russets, 200 lbs/ac for laborationwithPhDcandidateDavidseed increase before those clones can bechips, 170 lbs/ac for fresh market), 66% NgureandDrs.MunevverDogramacievaluated.FY5 consists of 41 clones: 24N,33%N,andnoaddedN.Wewill andDarrinHaagenson,USDA-ARSchips, 6 fresh market reds, 6 fresh mar- compare yield and quality traits at each (Fargo and East Grand Forks, respective- ket yellows, and 5 russets.All of theseN level for each clone to identify clones ly).have been evaluated at the SPRF for twowithlowerNrequirements.Sixtimes previousyearsandmanyhavebeenduring the summer we will fly drones We wish to thank the many trial hostsevaluated in Wisconsin, Michigan, andoverthefieldtotakeimages.These andthosewhosupplycertifiedseed,North Dakota. Six of the chipping linesimageswillbeusedtobuildmachine Valley Tissue Culture, the North Dakotawill be in the National Chip ProcessinglearningmodelswhichpredictNeffi-StateSeedDepartment,aswellastheTrialthisyear.FY4willconsistof68ciencyofpotatoclonesfromdrone NPPGA, MN Area II Potato Research andclones: 21 russets, 20 chips, 18 red freshimagery. The resulting models will facil-Promotion Council, Simplot, Cavendishmarket, 8 yellows, and 1 purple. Manyitate future selection as they will elimi-Farms,PotatoesUSA,NIFA,theNorthof these are also growing in Wisconsin,nate the need for petiole testing multi-18 POTATO GROWER JULY/AUGUST 2022'