b'North Dakota and Minnesota gen source for Russet Burbank growth. Turkeymanurehasconsistentlyhad good results. In another trial we are eval-uating CN-9 with Yara as a source of Ca toreducehollowheartandimprove skinset.Anewstudyisdetermining skin set on Russet Burbank at different vine kill timings and nitrogen rates. The purpose of this study is to determine if any skin set occurs after 7, 10, 14, or 21 days on Russet Burbank potato tubers. This will help with management deci-sionsforoptimizingyieldandstorage quality. We thank RDO Farm Division for hosting all the Perham trials. Tappen, North DakotaWeareevaluatingninerusset-skinned clonesintwodifferentnitrogen regimes. The clones are Mountain Gem Russet, Russet Burbank, Dakota Russet, RainierRusset,LaBelleRusset, AlverstoneRusset,W13811229-1Russ, and Inkster, North Dakota. In additionInkster and Hoople, North Dakota. TheLakeviewRusset,andCaribouRusset. tothese,weareconductingthelategoalofthisprojectistodetermineifThis is the first year of this study and we blight spore trapping network with part- narrowerrowspacingwouldbeeco- want to see if any of these newer russet nerfarmsinNorthDakotaandnomically viable by improving yield. Atclones would be options for production Minnesota. The focus of our work is onBecker we have a trial with SQM to eval- inNorthDakota.Wewanttothank varietydevelopment(russet,red,anduatetwoproducts,QropKNandCavendishFarmsforhostingthistrial yellows), weed control, fertilizer, cultur- Ultrasol K Plus ProP. Thank you to Markand Eric Smith for his assistance.almanagementandotheragronomicPeterson and the team at Becker Sand related questions. Plains Research Farm for their support. Larimore, North DakotaThisisthesecondlocationforJed Becker, MinnesotaPerham, MinnesotaGrows study looking at bulking rate and P habianMakokha,agraduatestudentTrials in Perham are focused primarilyverticilliumaccumulationatthree from Kenya is studying the value of nar- onplantnutrition.WearestudyingplantingdatesforBannockRusset, rowerrowspacingofred,yellowandturkeymanurewithandwithouttheDakotaRusset,andRussetBurbank. chipping potatoes. His studies are beingaddition of ESN. This is the fourth yearAlthoughthistrialisplantedlatein conducted in Becker, Minnesota and atof evaluating turkey manure as a nitro- 2022, we hope to gain information that JULY/AUGUST 2022 POTATO GROWER 11'