b'scurf on harvested potatoes. We are alsoaging late blight.Tuber Necrosis Specialty Crop Research workingwithDr.SusieThompsontoInitiative (SCRI) Project towards sustain-identify resistance to silver scurf in tablePotatogenotypesfrommultiplepro- ablesolutionsforPMTVandpowdery potatoes, which has been an elusive tar- grams,includingtheNDSUbreedingscab. Our research on these pathogens get.program in cooperation with Dr. Susiecontinues to focus on improving detec-Thompson, and Potatoes USA are beingtion, working towards the development We continue research on the identifica- grown at the Inkster site for evaluationofresistantcultivarsanddetermining tion, epidemiology and management ofofpost-harvestsusceptibilitytoenvironmentalfactorsinourregion bacterial soft rot and blackleg funded byFusariumsambucinumdryrot,Dickeyaassociated with disease severity. a multistate NIFA grant. In cooperationdianthicola, Pectobacterium soft rot, pink with other researchers, we continue torot and Pythium leak. The identificationBacterial ring rot (BRR) continues to be a screenseedlotsforthepresenceofof resistance to these diseases is difficultpart,albeitrelativelysmall,ofour Dickeya to identify the cause of blacklegand is a continuing project for our pro- pathology program. We are working in in the field, including samples from ourgrams.cooperation with Dr. Susie Thompson to region. This program ends in 2022 andensure that NDSU breeding material dis-we hope to maintain some continuingTobacco Rattle Virus (TRV), Potato MopplayssymptomscharacteristicofBRR, work in this area of research.TopVirus(PMTV)andpowderyscabaiding in the accurate field diagnosis of haveunfortunatelybeenaddedtothethis devastating disease in any material Forthefirsttimeinseveralyears,welong list of pathogens growers must bereleased from the program. Visual obser-have a site at Prosper, North Dakota tovigilantinavoiding.Weareworkingvation of BRR symptoms is crucial in the screen some new compounds for man- withmulti-statecooperatorsonthesuccess of the seed certification system. JULY/AUGUST 2022 POTATO GROWER 13'