b'corn used as a rotation crop as well. Incontributing P source for Russet Burbankandlatespringconditions;planting 2021, only rotation crops were grown;potatoes.In2022,12treatmentsaredates range from May 7 to June 12. Trial either soybean or dry peas followed by abeingevaluatedwith9ofthe12Psites include both irrigated and non-irri-mustardgreenmanurecrop(biofumi- sourcesbandedatplantingandthegated locations for yield trials, screening gant).Selectedplotswerefumigatedother3broadcastappliedpreplant.nurseries, and certified seed production.with metam sodium in the fall of 2021Petiole samples will be collected duringIn 2022, irrigated sites include Larimore and turkey manure was applied to biofu- the season and tuber yield and qualityandOakes,NorthDakota,andPark migant plots spring 2022 prior to plant- will be determined at harvest. Rapids, Minnesota. Trials at Park Rapids, ing.InthefinalyearofthisprojectMinnesota, are hosted by the RD Offutt potatoes are being grown on all plots.EvaluationOfASpecialtyPhos- Farm Division and included a replicated Soilsampleshavebeencollectedphorus Fertilizer Source For Potato Verticilliumwiltresistancescreening throughout the study and analyzed forThe specific objective of this study is totrial with 25 entries across market types, soilphysicalandchemicalcharacteris- determine the effects of Sus-Terra fertil- conductedincollaborationwithDr. tics(e.g.,nutrientconcentrations,izerasasupplementalphosphorusJuliePaschesresearchprogram,anda organic matter content, pH), soil healthsource on potato yield and quality.Sus- commonscabscreeningtrialwith68 characteristics(e.g.,aggregatestability,Terraisphosphorusfertilizer(11-24-0- entries across market types. Trials at the 24-hourCO2release,proteinN,pen- 10S)combinedwithrecycledorganicOakesResearchExtensionCenter etrometerreadings),Verticilliumandmatter manufactured by Anuvia in part- (OREC) include a fresh market trial eval-nematode population assessments, andnership with The Mosaic Co.A series ofuating10advancingredandyellow soil microbiome composition.Because7 treatments with varying blends of Sus- skinnedselections,comparedtofresh changes in soil health take many yearsTerraandMES10andMAParebeingmarketstandardsDakotaRuby,Red to detect, we plan to propose to contin- tested for a second year at a P rate of 100LaSoda, Red Norland, and Yukon Gold.ue this study for another 4 years. lb P2O5/A.A zero P fertilizer treatmentTheprocessingtrialincludes11dual-and 100% conventional MAP are includ- purposerusset/longwhiteselections Evaluation Of Crystal Green (Stru- ed as controls.The overall objective iscomparedtoeightrussetstandards. vite) As A P Source For Potatoes to determine if Sus-Terra enhances yieldKellyCooper,andHeidiandSpencer Crystal Green is a commercialized slow- andqualityofRussetBurbankpotato.Eslinger assist with these trials.releasePsource(struvite)thatalsoFertilizer treatments were all broadcast includes nitrogen and magnesium (5-28- applied before planting and disked in. TheLarimoresiteishostedbyCarl, 0-10Mg).Some struvite is derived fromThestudysitehasamediumsoiltestMichaelandCaseyHoversonat sewage sludge wastewater treatment andlevel of phosphorus and sulfur.PetioleHoversonFarms.Trialsincludeapro-is a recycled form of phosphorus withsamples will be collected during the sea- cessingtrialwith15advancingrusset very low metal content.Other forms ofson and tuber yield and quality will beand long white selections compared tostruvitearemanufacturedfromMAP.determined at harvest.industrystandardsincludingBannock Crystal Green is intended to enhance PRusset,DakotaRusset,RangerRusset, fertilizationefficiencybyreleasingPNDSU Potato Breeder RussetBurbank,andUmatillaRusset. more rapidly when in proximity to plantDr. Asunat Susie Thompson, NDSU The National French Fry Processing trial roots.While previous work with Crystal(NFPT), supported by Potatoes USA, has Green has been conducted, the secondTheNDSUpotatobreedingprogramanobjectiveofidentifyingprocessing year of this study combines this productfieldtrialscriss-crosseasternNorthselections with superior French Fry pro-with other sources of phosphorus, sul- Dakota and western Minnesota. As is thecessingpotentialandlowacrylamide fur, and magnesium.The overall objec- casewithmanygrowers,plantingwaslevels;thereare66entriesfromUS tiveistoevaluateCrystalGreenasalate and spread-out due to the cold, wet,breeding programs, compared to indus-16 POTATO GROWER JULY/AUGUST 2022'