Results show potatoes treated with Protassium+ yield 3 Tons more U.S. No. 1s per acre than potatoes treated with muriate of potash5 . MORE U.S. NO. 1S Protassium+ provides potatoes the necessary nutrients for optimum yield, including 17% sulfate sulfur. The sulfate sulfur in Protassium+ can help keep potatoes healthy by inhibiting the spread of powdery scab disease4 . TWO ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS BETTER STORABILITY Protassium+ delivers nutrients that help reduce shrinkage and sprouting in storage. In fact, potatoes treated with Protassium+ have fewer sprouts per tuber after 200 days in storage versus potatoes treated with other K sources (like muriate of potash)3 . Potatoes remove up to 56 lbs. of K2O/100 cwt of yield1 . Results show that replenishing fields with Protassium+ produces up to 5 Tons/acre more than fields treated with muriate of potash2 . THE NEED FOR POTASSIUM CROP | POTATOES SOLUTION | REPLENISH WITH PROTASSIUM+TM PROBLEM | YIELD-ROBBING CHLORIDE K File # 1259 Many potato growers replenish their fields with K sources that contain high levels of potassium and chloride. While high potassium content is beneficial, high chloride content often leads to nutritional imbalances and nutrient displacement. To avoid the harmful effects of chloride, growers have turned to Protassium+ TM sulfate of  potash, a premium K source with more to offer. Contact your local retailer or Compass Minerals at 800.743.7258 Why Potato Growers Are Making the Switch to Protassium+ the case against chloride Muriate of Potash CHLORIDE Less than 1% 47% SALT INDEX 0.85 per unit of K2O* Lowest of all major potassium sources 1.93 per unit of K2O SULFATE SULFUR 17% 0% POTASSIUM 50% 60% VERSATILITY 8 grades Limited ORGANIC CERTIFICATION OMRI CDFA No BEST VALUE ✓ X P R O T A S S I U M P L U S . C O M *Lower salt index has higher level of safety. ©2017 Compass Minerals. All rights reserved. 1 “Potatoes + K.” Potatoes: Surveying the Need. Compass Minerals. 2 “Proof Is in the Potatoes.” Field Trial Emphasizes Benefits of Potassium for Potatoes. Holland Agricultural Services. 3 “How to Win the Potato Storage Loss Battle.” Colorado State University. 4 “The Interaction of Sulfur and Scab Disease.” The Roles of Sulfur in Nutrient – Disease Interactions. Purdue University Department of Botany and Plant Pathology. in 5 “Proof Is in the Potatoes.” Field Trial Emphasizes Benefits of Potassium for Potatoes. Holland Agricultural Services.