Matthew Porter apporached us in 2010 to increase the quality and reduce the bruising of the potatoes on his farm in the fertile but rocky soil of Maine. After a year of developing, our engineers came up with a new technology, called AirSep, and built a harvester around it. This was the beginning of a success story. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN OUR ENGINEERS HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR FOREIGN MATERIAL. Matthew Porter 6th Generation Farmer Presque Isle, Maine It was my first trip to Idaho. We sat in the R&D booth, and there was a little machine set up, that was the principle behind the AirSep. I watched it work, and I saw it work, and it worked! That fall we had a harvester here...the guys from Spudnik worked incredible hours. They made a few more changes and it went from not working well to just incredible how well it worked,... See the full story on www. .com