A P R I L 2 0 1 7 POTATO GROWER 7 browns/breakfast potatoes, roasted and baked potatoes are the next largest potato menu application cat- egories. - 77% of consumers say they eat French Fries at least once a month. - French Fries are enjoyed by con- sumers of all ages, but the frequency begins to taper off among con- sumers over 55 years old. Chips are very popular in foodser- vice. - Chips are consumed equally between men and women in food- service. Interestingly, men are more frequent consumers of potatoes across all formats at foodservice. - Consumers would like to see more “on trend” potato chip options on the menu. Consumer’s are driving the demand for potatoes at foodservice. Their desire for more “on trend” dishes is an opportunity for the potato indus- try when developing new products for the foodservice sector, or when working with chefs and foodservice operation on menu development. Knowing that flavor can be a power- ful driver to attract foodservice patrons to new applications and that new preparation methods and herbs can help boost the health per- ceptions of potatoes among con- sumers will help maintain potatoes’ top place on the menu. For a copy of the complete Foodservice Potato Patron Study please contact Kim Breshears at Potatoes USA; kim@potatoesusa. com. Foodservice is big business for the U.S. potato industry, now accounting for 58% of all U.S. potato volume sales in 2016 according to the Potatoes USA® 2016 U.S. Potato Sales and Utilization Report. Hammer-Lok Steel Building Systems | 44434 Harvest Ave. • Perham, MN 56573 | 1-844-203-4565 | www.hammer-lok.com Full service Design Build General Contractor for all your produce storage needs.