A P R I L 2 0 1 7 POTATO GROWER 19 fast and other times you have to proceed slowly and carefully. This country has great resources avail- able, but lacks the skill and econom- ic power to develop these resources. The challenge is there is not money to fix the pot holes in the road, just as there are not sufficient funds to develop industry within Angola. Most people do not have the resources in Angola to purchase agricultural equipment, causing importation of most goods and high prices for products. In agriculture, the equipment and input costs would be similar to what’s found in the United States or Europe, because of importation. However, the land is inexpensive and the cost of building is quite economical. There are many rivers, and the water can be used for irrigation. Angola is a country that is rebuild- ing after a long war of independ- ence from Portugal (1961-1975) and a civil war (1975-2002). The country has many resources available, including oil, diamonds, agricultur- al land and water. However, esti- mates from a few years ago indicate only about 1% of arable land is used for crop production. Much of the Local way of weeding, irrigating and hilling potatoes. Sugar Analysis and Process Quality Evaluations Techmark Inc. www.techmark-inc.com 517-322-0250 techmark@techmark-inc.com Laboratory locations throughout North America. Contact us for more information.