b'Table 1. Average stem number of Russet Burbank seed pieces and effect on graded yield. Adapted from Knowles and Knowles, 2006. Avg. stem number 3.25.4 4 oz (cwt/a)67106 4-6 oz (cwt/a)108134 6-10 oz (cwt/a)203189 10-14 oz (cwt/a)12786 14 oz (cwt/a)11360 Total yield (cwt/a)618574 Marketable yield (cwt/a)576544 % 6 oz7258 % 10 oz3925Table 2. Effect of planting date and storage temperature on Russet Burbank stem number in Washington. Adapted from Iritani and Thornton, 1992.Planting date Storage temperature FMarch 31April 20May 12 Average stem number - 382.42.72.9 422.53.43.3 482.83.63.4Table 3. Reduction in stem number by applying Rejuvenate on Russet Burbank and Umatilla in Inkster, ND in 2014.TreatmentAverage stem number Russet BurbankNon-treated4.9 0.16 oz Rejuvenate/ton seed4.2 UmatillaNon-treated4.6 0.16 oz Rejuvenate/ton seed3.8 APRI2021 POTATO GROWER 13L'