b'In November of 2020, Potatoes USAshipped 15 tonnes of seed to Cuba.Thesixfreshmarketvarietiesandfour chip varieties dedicated for thetrialshouldbeharvestedintheSpring of 2021.Planningisalreadyunderwayforthe second shipment of seed in thefall of 2021. The first priority will beto meet the one-year re-registrationrequirement for familiar varieties.The second priority will be to regis-ter varieties that were not previous-lyimported,athree-yearregistra-tion process.As in any new market,it is important to run trials to deter-mine performance in that locale. Justin Dagen from Karlstad, Minnesota visiting with Juan Jos Leon Vega ofthe Ministry of Agriculture. TheimagesthatwehaveofCuba 1 Statistical Exports Summary. Trade Stats 3 Potatoes USA Interviews of leading seedmay be changing over the next cou- Northwest. 2019.Page 10. exporters and importers, conducted on anple of years. annual basis.2 Statistical Exports Summary. Trade StatsNorthwest. 2019.Page 31. TheCubansandU.S.delegatesaroundthePotatoesUSAflagduringaharvestoutsideofMatanzasattheLeninAgricultural Enterprise. 8 POTATO GROWER APRIL 2021'