b'Table 1.Agronomic evaluations for advanced fresh market selections and cultivars, Crystal, ND, 2020.The trial was planted on May 18, vine killed on approximately August 24, and harvested with a single-row Grimme harvester on September 8.The plots were 20 feet long, with a 12-inch with-in row spacing, and 36 inches between rows, replicated four times. Vine Size1Vine Maturity2Tubers per ClonePlant 1.AND00272-1R3.82.511.0 2.ND6002-1R3.03.05.8 3.ND7132-1R3.53.57.5 4.ND102663B-3R3.33.010.1 5.ND102990B-2R3.32.812.1 6.ND113091B-2RY3.32.418.3 7.ND113207-1R3.31.68.6 8.ND113338C-4R3.52.313.9 9.ND1232B-1RY3.82.312.8 10.ND1232B-2RY3.52.511.9 11.ND14215C-4R2.51.58.1 12.ND1241-1Y3.52.510.1 13.ND1243-1PY4.34.011.7 14.ND13106-1R2.32.08.8 15.ND13109-2Y3.13.09.0 16.ND13193B-1R3.54.010.6 17.ND13236-2R4.63.513.0 18.ND13241-6R4.33.017.6 19.ND13296Y-6R3.03.08.9 20.ND1455Y-1R3.52.89.0 21.ND1465-1R4.03.313.7 22.ND14151-24R3.83.57.5 23.ND14151-25R3.02.111.3 24.ND14151-26R3.83.112.7 25.Dakota Ruby3.32.511.2 26.Gala2.52.015.6 27.Red LaSoda4.03.06.1 28.Red Norland2.52.16.3 29. Sangre3.53.53.5 30.Yukon Gold3.81.36.4 Mean3.42.710.4 LSD (=0.05) 1 Vine sizescale 1-5, 1 = small, 5 = large. 2 Vine maturityscale 1-5, 1 = early, 5 = late.20 POTATO GROWER APRIL 2021'