b'2020 Crystal Fresh Market Trial Summaryby Dr. Asunta (Susie) Thompson, NDSU Potato BreederPotato is a popular and important hor- nomic and environmental sustainabil- entries(76selectionsand14stan-ticultural crop in North Dakota (ND), ity, high yield potential, and expand- dards); many possess potential diseaseMinnesota(MN),andtheNorthern ed marketability.The primary goal is resistance.Many selections look veryPlains.In 2020, ND ranked third in to aid in reducing input costs for pro- promising and results of the advancedUSacresharvestedatabout77,000 ducers, provide high quality raw mate- fresh market trial are summarized hereacres(+31,130ha),withavalue rialforthefreshmarket,processing (Tables 1-3).greaterthan$223Min2019(NASS and/or industrial applications, and to2020), ranking fifth for value among providenutritious,flavorful,unique ThetrialwasplantedonMay18,all crops in ND. Northern Plains pro- and convenient food choices for con- 2020.The field plot design was a ran-ductionis~60%processing(French sumers,particularlyemphasizingthe domizedcompleteblockwithfourfries/other frozen and chips), with the development of early maturing culti- replicates, and cultural practices typi-remainder fresh and certified seed. In vars across all market types due to our cal of the growing region were used.2020,thefreshsectordramatically short growing season. Rowswerespaced36inchesapart,increasedasconsumerscookedat witha12-inchwithin-rowspacing.home.Potatoismanagement,labor, As part of our evaluation process, non- Vinesweredesiccatedonapproxi-andinputintensive,comparedto irrigatedresearchsitesincluded matelyAugust24,andthetrialwasother crops.North Dakota ranks sec- Crystal and Hoople ND, where fresh harvested on September 8, with daysond and MN seventh for certified seed market and chip processing selections tovinekillandharvesttotaling98production, accounting for 18% when are evaluated, respectively.After a dry and113,respectively.AgronomiccombinedforUScertifiedseed.In 2019,thesenon-irrigatedsites evaluations, including vine size, vine2020, more than 34% of acres eligible receivedsometimelyrainsin2020. maturity and tuber per plant are sum-for certification by the North Dakota Research results from the Hoople site marized in Table 1.Vine size signifi-State Seed Department (NDSSD) were will be reported in an upcoming arti- cantlydiffered,asexpected,andplanted to cultivars (and/or selections cle.The Crystal site is hosted by Dave ranged from small for ND13106-1R, tothereof)andpromisingadvancing andAndyMoquistselectionsdevelopedbytheNDSU (O.C.Schulz),andpotatobreedingprogram.Similarly, two trials were con-more than 32% of acres eligible in MN ducted, the prelimi-were of cultivars developed at NDSU. naryfreshmarketTheNDSUpotatobreedingprogram trialandtheinitiatedin1930isthecoreofthe advancedfreshpotatoimprovementteam,conduct- markettrial.Theing breeding and germplasm enhance- FreshMarkettrialmentefforts,selection,evaluation, had30entries(24anddevelopmentofimprovedculti- advancingselec-varsforstakeholderadoption.Our tionscomparedtofocus is on incorporating durable and sixstandards),long-term resistance to biotic and abi- whiletheprelimi-oticstressors,enhancednutritional naryfreshmarketand quality attributes, improved eco- trialincluded9016 POTATO GROWER APRIL 2021'