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A P R I L 2 0 1 6 POTATO GROWER 27 Potato Associates Donation Help Purchase Tractor For Research Plots Dr. Andy Robinson NDSUUMN Extension Potato Agronomist has purchased a new tractor to be used in potato field research and for field days research plots. This includes planting hilling spraying harvest- ing and field work. The Potato Associates donated 5000.00 towards the purchase of this tractor. Without a tractor we have had to borrow tractors and find other means to get our field work done Dr. Robinson says. Now we will have a tractor we can use when we need it and ot be delayed waiting to use a tractor. This will increase our efficiency and improve the quality of research. The Potato Associates have donated dollars to other worthy projects in past years such as NPPGA Annual Research Reporting Conference sponsor. NPPGA Field Day sponsor. NPPGA Golf Open Repairs done to research equipment as well as equipment purchases. United States Potato Board and the National Potato Council. The Potato Associates program is an affiliate of the Northern Plains Potato Growers Association. Its members are individuals who are non-potato producers who hold an interest in agriculture. Our purpose is to support the potato grower members of the NPPGA. The membership fee for an individ ual is 50.00 and for companies who would like to have more than one Potato Associate member there are several options to choose from. Some of the membership benefits include Your name and company name are included in an issue of the Valley Potato Grower magazine. You receive a complimentary sub- scription to the Valley Potato Grower magazine. You receive a copy of The Past Is Never Far Away a history of the Red River Valley Potato Industry by Lynda Kenney. NPPGA wall calendar. Opportunity to apply for college scholarship for children and grand children of Potato Associates. You also receive invitations to the following NPPGA events NPPGA Field Day International Crop Expo NPPGA Potato Golf Open NPPGA Annual Meeting Potato Bowl USA To get more information or to apply for membership please call 218-773- 3633 or e-mail vpgsales