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A P R I L 2 0 1 6 POTATO GROWER 11 other in his success as our Program Director. His teamwork skills and tendencies and his ability to work well with everyone around him is a giftone that is truly appreciated. Willem and his wife Gail have three children and five grandchildren who will now benefit from more of his time. Willem will be missed at the North Dakota State Seed Department but promises to remain active on a part-time basis. NPPGA President Chuck Gunnerson says Willem is one of the most knowledgeable individuals I know when it comes to seed potato issues. He is always current on the many regulatory standardization issues facing the industry. He provides the National Potato Council and United States Potato Board with valuable insight and information. Willem is able to accomplish this with a great deal of respect from producers processors other state seed agencies and industry. Willem has always been considered an international seed potato expert because of his work and experience across several time zones. He sincerely enjoys the numerous relationships he has made over a lifetime of working to make the seed potato industry bet- ter for everyone. When he returns from a United Nations Economic Commission for Europe UNECE meeting on seed certification and international regulatory standardi- zation issues he shares hours of sto- ries about his many friends he has not seen for years and provides an analysis of decisions made on International Potato Seed Stan- dards. Willems accomplishments are numerous and his support of the seed potato industry has been unequaled. He has given a lifetime and has asked for nothing in return. Willem Schrage has been a great friend and contributor to our maga- zine the Valley Potato Grower for many years. His insight on the pota- to industry in the Red River Valley and around the world is vast. We would like to thank Willem for his many years of service and congratu- late him on his most deserved retire- ment.