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A P R I L 2 0 1 64 POTATO GROWER4 POTATO GROWER Potato Promotion Board Changes Name to Potatoes USA Carl Hoverson Passes Chairmanship to Mike Pink by Ted Kreis NPPGA Marketing and Communications Director Besides a new name the past year was one of many other changes for the promotion board formerly known as the USPB. Changes included new and exciting programs and reorganization of the staff to increase efficiency. These changes came under the leadership of CEO Blair Richardson and Past Chairman Carl Hoverson from Larimore North Dakota. Hoverson passed the gavel to Mike Pink from Pasco Washington at the groups annual meeting in Colorado Springs last month. Carl will continue to serve as Immediate Past Chairman on the Executive Committee for the next year. Those that worked with Carl this past year will have no trouble remembering where he was from. Carl promoted North Dakota every chance he got. In his farewell speech Carl once again slipped proudly into his University of North Dakota hockey jersey as he did one year earlier when he gave his accept- ance speech. At the banquet he gift- ed UND caps to members of the Executive Committee he led the past year. New Identity Board Members at the annual meet- ing approved a new name for its agricultural promotion group. During the Boards 44th Annual Meeting at the Broadmoor Hotel they voted to change its doing-busi- ness-as dba name from the United States Potato Board U.S. Potato Board or USPB to Potatoes USA. This far-reaching update comes on the heels of the organizations newly created mission and strategic plan which were also approved. Potatoes USA exists to strengthen demand for U.S. potatoes. We are the global cham- pion for U.S. potatoes representing 2500 family farms growing more than 600 varieties of potatoes. We promote U.S. potatoes in all forms including seed fresh frozen chipping and dehy- drated products. We make potatoes exciting We create positive change in the industry through innovative collab- orative and inspiring approaches in marketing education and research. With access and utilization of over 6 million in USDA funding annual- ly Potatoes USA works in more than 20 countries around the world. Exports of U.S. potatoes have experi- enced unprecedented growth over the past 30 years and now account for 18 percent of production. In the United States Potatoes USA is the leading organizer of potato nutrition research education and varietal development said Potatoes USA President and CEO Blair Richardson. We will have a positive impact on long-term demand con- sumer awareness research efforts and utilization of our potatoes by foodservice and retail operators consumers and other entities. Potatoes USA is ready to fight for The USPB will now be known as Potatoes USA. This is their new logo.