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A P R I L 2 0 1 66 POTATO GROWER By TK Kuwahara Global Marketing Manager Potatoes USA Todays students recognize good food quality when they see it and crave food that is on-trend and cus- tomizable. They want choice whether at home dining out or at school. School foodservice directors want to provide these delicious choices but many times they face many operational and staffing chal- lenges as well as the need to meet USDA require- ments. Potatoes are the perfect healthy canvas for everything from global flavor inspired salads and sides to simple herb- oven-roasted spuds provid- ing the choice todays students demand. This is where the pota- to industry has an opportunity to influence the next generation of potato con- sumers and help provide solutions to time and resource strapped school foodservice staff. To capture the palates of todays stu- dents Potatoes USA has partnered with Chef Garrett Berdan a regis- tered dietician and child nutrition specialist to develop over a dozen new school-friendly potato-centric recipes. In addition to providing tasty recipes the Board is working with school districts on a variety of programs to feature potato versatili- ty creativity and nutrition. Just as schools come in all shapes and sizes so do the p a r t n e r s h i p s that range from presentations in culinary classes to devoting an entire day to the potato during Fruit and Veggie week to 52 weeks of potato- centric Kids Cook Monday recipes for stu- dents and par- ents to prepare together or working to increase the number of potato menu items on salad bars and behind the serving line. Wilder School District in Wilder Idaho is a great partnership exam- PotatoesUSA Message Innovating School Meals With Potatoes Please visit www.Potatoes and share the website recipes potato nutrition information and marketing ideas with your local school food service team