b'Potato Performance On Display At TheGrandForksWild Hog Marathon In Grand Forks, North DakotaNearly2,000runnerstookpartintheGrandForksWildHogMarathononSeptember27thand28th.Runningconditionswerenearly perfect for the runners withcooltemps,lightbreezesandnorain.Red River Valley Potatoes was one ofthe major sponsors this year. TheyweretheretopromotePotatoPerformancewithabakedpotatobar on Friday night and they hand- Red River Valley chips were handed out at the finish line of all the races.edoutbagsofchipstoeveryoneaftertheracesbothdays.They Fitness Expo that was held over the eventandthebakedpotatoesandhandedoutover1,000bagsof two day event.thepotatochipswereenjoyedbychips.Theyalsohadaninforma- everyone in attendance.tional booth at the Scheels Health & Overall,itwasaverysuccessfulThe Red River Valley Potatoes booth was a part of the Scheels Health & Fitness Expo at the Wild Hog Marathon.26 POTATO GROWER NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2019'