b'SpudtacularandaPeelingEventsAttractover20,000toAnnual Potato Days FestivalFood, family fun and many events make up the PotatoDays Festival, which was held this year on Friday andSaturday, August 23 and 24 in Barnesville.This yearwas a great year and many memories made by all.Friday was a record breaking day filled with shoppersand everyone enjoying the food court, entertainmentand all events.On Saturday we had another beautifulday with streets over filled with people having fun withevents, food and so much more!Everyone enjoyed the model car races.Some popular events again this year was the mashedpotato wrestling event along with the parade, street fair,food court and, of course, the car show.We had over-flow of participants in the kids scramble, eating contestand sculpture contest which always has such fun talent!FoodCourtwasfilledwithmanyvendorsthisyear.Potato foods were a plenty as most of the vendors hadsome sort of potato goodie for all to enjoy!We thank all the wonderful events and corporate spon-sors for their support and donations as well as the 100sof volunteers, who donate hours to help put on a won- Making lefse is not as hard as it looks.derful family festival that has something for every age!And, of course, our Corporate and Event Sponsors whowithout their support this Festival would not be possi-ble.Whether spuds were a part of your activities duringPotato Days or you were a spectator, a great time washad by all during the 2019 Potato Days. Mark your calendars for August 28 and 29, 2020 to joinus for more spudriffic fun!The Potato Picking contest was alot of fun.14 POTATO GROWER FEBRUARY 2017'