b'Minnesota Certified Seed Potato GrowersMinnesota Department of Agriculture, Plant Protection Division: 625 Robert St. N., St. Paul, MN 55155; supervisor,Nick Milanowski, e-mail: nicholas.milanowski@state.mn.us; Minnesota Seed office; 312 4th Ave. NE, East GrandForks, MN 56721; phone, 218-773-4956; fax, 218-773-4959; web, www.mda.state.mn.us/potato Minnesota Johnk, Randy: Pine Lake Wild Rice Farm Inc:Minnesota Department of 12482 70th St. S., Sabin, MN 56580-9553; 47054 County Road 7, Gonvick, MN 56644;Agriculture, Plant Protection cell, 701-219-0718; e-mail: rmjohnk@aol.comw ar e house ;218-268-4499; cell, 218-368-0704;Division: e-mail: pinelakewildrice@yahoo.com625 Robert St N St. Paul, MN 55155;3124th Ave. NE, East Grand Forks, MN 56721; Kittson Foundation Seed:phone, 218-773-4956; fax, 218-773-4959;1148 360th Ave, Karlstad, MN 56732-9516; Schmidt, Randy:phone, 218-686-1734 9099 70th St. S., Sabin, MN 56580-9558;phone, 701-361-7575; warehouse, 218-493-Growers 4254; fax, 218-493-4654; e-mail: bluetagseed@yahoo.comBlack Gold Farms: Mason, Kent:PO Box 38, Forest River, ND 58233-0038; 1356 62nd Ave. NW, Williams, MN 56686-phone, 701-248-3788; cell, 218-693-1020; 4700; phone, 218-395-0821; e-mail: matt.driscoll@blackgoldfarms.com e-mail: kmason@wiktel.com Sonnek, David and Grant:44457 210th St., Delavan, MN 56023-7003;cell, 507-380-9352;Clearwater Rice Inc: Opsahl, Ross: e-mail: davesonnek@gmail.com54000 189th Ave, Clearbrook, MN 56634; 1222 State Highway 32, Twin Valley, MNphone, 218-776-3300; 218-556-2379 56584-9270; phone, 218-584-5173, 218-766-e-mail: patrick.skoe@gmail.com 3856; e-mail: ross@skaurud.com Spokely Farms :P.O. Box 73, Nielsville, MN 56568-0073; cell,701-430-1803; warehouse, 218-946-2825;Dagen, Brooks: Paquin Farms: fax, 218-946-2014; e-mail: lspokely@rrv.net2413 State Hwy 175, Hallock, MN 56728;PO Box 206, Mentor, MN 56736-0206; cell, 218-526-0586;phone, 218-268-0322; fax, 218-637-6100; e-mail: brooks.dagen@gmail.com Swenson, Brent:26721 200th Ave. SE, Erskine, MN 56535;cell, 928-920-8040;Paquin-Swenson Inc.: e-mail: brentswens@gmail.comDagen, Justin: PO Box 206, Mentor, MN 56736; 1148 360th Ave., Karlstad, MN 56732-9516;Dick Cell; 218-289-0322; cell, 218-686-1734,Brent Cell; 619-954-4566;Szczepanski, Keith and Lynn:e-mail: jdagen@wiktel.com e-mail: brentswens@gmail.com 450 Dewy St., Stephen, MN 56757; phone, 218-478-3846; cell, 218-478-4264 or218-478-4358; e-mail: panski84@gmail.comDagen, Sander: Peatland Reds Inc:1148 360th Ave., Karlstad, MN 56732-9516;17017 390th Ave SE, Trail, MN 56684-4032;cell, 218-526-0279;phone, 218-268-4034; fax, 218-268-4094; Twin Rivers Seed Farm:e-mail: spuddagen@gmail.come-mail: peatland@gvtel.com 11139 County Rd 30, PO Box 129, Staples,MN, 56479; cell, 218-296-3415; e-mail: lwarmbold@rdoffutt.comGlacial Ridge Potato Seed LLC: Pender, Jeffrey:20827 Pine Ridge Circle SE, Erskine, MN 56535; 10847 200th St. S., Barnseville, MN 56514;phone, 218-268-4034; cell, 218-368-2320; phone, 218-329-5512;Valley Tissue Culture Inc:email: peatland@gvtel.com e-mail:jeffreypender@hotmail.com 2427 County Hwy 51., Halstad, MN 56548;phone, 218-456-2161; cell, 701-430-1329; fax,218-456-2222; e-mail: sandi@potatoseed.com Gunderson, Chad: Pieper Farms, LLC:104 First St. NE, Climax, MN 56523;7696 40th St. NW, Williams, MN 56686;phone, 218-857-3597; cell, 218-280-2299;phone, 218-783-6610;Van Erkel Farms Inc:e-mail: ctm104@yahoo.com Jim Cell; 701-319-9307;27843 825th Ave., Hollandale, MN 56045-Sharon Cell;218-452-1551;4038; warehouse, 507-889-9291; cell, 507-e-mail: jim.behrens@pieperfarmsllc.com383-3079; fax, 507-889-3801;e-mail: sharon.anderson@pieperfarmsllc.com e-mail: phvanerk@gmail.com18 POTATO GROWER NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2019'