b'Potato Growers Select 2020 NPC LeadershipIdahos Britt Raybould elected 2020 PresidentAt the National Potato Councils (NPC) NPC delegates also approved: The2019President,LarryAlsumof2020 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Britt Dominic LaJoie of Van Buren, Maine as Friesland,Wisconsin,willcontinuetoRaybould of Rexburg, Idaho was elected First Vice President and Vice President serveontheExecutiveCommitteeasto serve as NPCs 2020 President and to oftheEnvironmentalAffairs the Immediate Past President.lead the councils Executive Committee. Committee;R.J. Andrus of Idaho Falls, Idaho as Vice The2020ExecutiveCommitteewillRaybould serves as chief financial officer PresidentoftheLegislativeAffairs meet at the Potato D.C. Fly-In, Februaryof Raybould Brothers Farm. She previ- Committee; 24-27 in Washington, D.C., to continueously served the NPC Board as First Vice theirworkfortheindustry.ThisPresidentandVicePresidentofthe Jared Balcom of Pasco, Washington as includes leading more than 150 growersLegislativeandGovernmentAffairs VicePresidentoftheTradeAffairs and industry partners to Capitol Hill toCommittee. She is the third generation Committee; meet with members of Congress, staff,of the Raybould family to serve as NPC Bob Mattive of Monte Vista, Colorado as and key administration officials to com-President and the first female president Vice President of the Finance and Office municateindustrypriorities.Policyin NPCs 72-year history. As president, Procedures Committee;issues to be addressed this year includeRaybouldwillhostthe2020NPC trade,agriculturelaborreform,nutri-Summer Meeting in Boise, Idaho, June TedTschirkyofPasco,Washingtonas tion, access to crop protection tools, and24-26. The Executive Committee holds Vice President of the Grower Outreach research for potatoes.office for one calendar year. and Industry Research Committee.National Potato Council 2020 Executive Committee (from left to right) R.J. Andrus, Jared Balcom, Bob Mattive, BrittRaybould, Dominic LaJoie, Ted Tschirky, and Larry Alsum.10 POTATO GROWER MARCH 2020'