b'Registrations And Their Impacts On US Potato Exportsby Kam Quarles, NPC Executive Vice President and CEOAt the Eye on Potatoes podcast studio set CropLife advocates for policies and reg-uponthetradeshowfloorofPotato ulationstoallowU.S.farmerstohaveExpo 2020 in Las Vegas, our host Lane the tools they need to grow and marketNordlundandIwerepleasedtobe their crops. joined by Rachel Lattimore, Senior VicePresidentandGeneralCounselof Despite what the public is being told byCropLife America, and Matt Lantz, the anti-pesticideadvocates,growersneedpotatoindustrysgo-totradeexpertat access to crop protection tools to grow aBryant Christie, for a great conversation healthy crop. And when growers followon some of the regulatory impediments the label, the residues will be under theto free trade. maximum residue levela standard thatensures the product was applied correct-While tariffs are popularly viewed as the ly. largest restraint on exports, we in agri-culture know that regulations involving On the podcast Matt recalls that whenpest and disease issues or the application he started his career 20 years ago, MRLsof crop protection tools can create the were not an issue in trade. What hasNPCmost onerous roadblocks.happened as the world has developed,countriesareoverhaulingtheirfoodThats why we recorded Eye On Potatoes safety regulations. And part of that theyEpisode#5RegistrationsAndTheir say we can no longer just simply defer toMessageImpacts On U.S. Potato Exports: to take anexportingcountryMRLlistorthea deep dive on the challenging topic of international CODEX list. They say wedisharmonized international maximum need to have our own list. residue levels (MRLs) for pesticides. Thepodcastepisodelooksathowforeign Asaresult,unfortunatelyforgrowers,countries differing standards are affect- todaymanynationshavetheirowning potato trade and can hinder growers unique MRL lists, with their own rules,choices when seeking to grow healthy standards, and regulations. How is that acrops. problemforgrowers?IfaregistrantdoesnthaveitsstandardsandMRLsA conversation on crop protection tools approved by that importing country, acant be complete without the input of grower can properly apply a crop protec-CropLife America. They are the leading tion tool according to the EPA label, shipexperts in Washington, D.C. that help that product abroad, andif the regis-the growing community both domesti- trant doesnt have a standard in place cally and internationally with important that product can be kicked back at thecropprotectionandpesticideissues. cost of tens or hundreds of thousands of8 POTATO GROWER MARCH 2020'