b'2020 NPPGA Annual Meritorious ServiceAward and Chairmans BanquetThe2020AnnualNPPGA Chair- the past year.servicetothepotatoindustry.Dr.mansandMeritoriousService Gudmestad retired in early FebruaryAwardBanquetwasheldatthe John Nordgaard of Black Gold Farms from his position at NDSU. He wasAlerus Center in Grand Forks, North receivedtheNPPGAsMeritorious presentedwithaplaqueandDakota on Tuesday, February 18th. Service Award at the banquet. thanked for his many years of serv-ice.The banquet was well attended with JohnjoinedtheBlackGoldFarmover 260 growers and industry peo- team in 1997. John oversees all oper- Theentertainmentportionoftheple. Everyone that was in attendance ations for all farms across multiple nightwaslightmusicbyJazzOnstates. He also manages all personnel Tap. enjoyed a wonderful evening. andhasdirectedagronomicplant-ingandpractices,includingirriga- TheNPPGAwouldliketothankMattVanRay,ofVanRayFarmsis tionandgeneralproductionman- Cenex Harvest States, Bremer BankthenewNPPGAChairman(read agement,forbothpotatoesand andtheNPPGA PotatoAssociatesmore about Matt on page 11).He sweet potatoes. and all of the sponsors who helpedwas handed the gavel from T.J. Hall make this event successful year afterof J. G. Hall & Sons of Hoople, North Dr. Neil Gumestad, NDSU, was also year. Dakota who served as chairman for recognizedforhismanyyearsofNPPGA President Donavon Johnson (left) presented the NPPGA Meritorious Service award to John Nordgaard of BlackGold Farms.24 POTATO GROWER MARCH 2020'