J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 9 POTATO GROWER 21 Potato Industry Leadership Institute Attendees Announced Three young future leaders from our area will join others from around the country this February 20th thru the 28th at the Potato Industry Leadership Institute (PILI) in Portland, Oregon and Washington, DC. The Northern Plains Potato Growers Association (NPPGA) is sponsoring Jackson Hall from J G Hall & Sons and H & S FreshPak in Hoople, North Dakota along with Zach Bruer from A & L Potato in East Grand Forks, Minnesota. John Tweten will also be attending, sponsored by his employer Black Gold Farms which is headquartered in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Jackson, Zach and John will be joining other future leaders in the potato industry to learn lead- ership traits and roles, network- ing with other participants and participating in meetings with elected officials. Potato growing regions from around the US take turns hosting the Potato Industry Leadership Institute for the first three days of the week-long event before the group flies to Washington, DC for further leadership train- ing and to participate in the DC Fly-In.