J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 9 10 POTATO GROWER Red River Valley Shippers Donate Potatoes To Salvation Army For The Holidays Continuing a proud holiday tradition that started in 1982, Dave Haun was on hand at the Salvation Army in Kansas City, Missouri., December 12th, watching as a full load of pota- toes were moved from a semi tractor-trailer into a storage facilty. Dave Haun, owner of Haun Potato Company, is carrying on the donation program started by his father, Dick “Spud” Haun more than 35 years ago, with more than 1.5 million pounds given over all those years. The potatoes are donated by these Red River Valley shippers: A&L Potato Co., East Grand Forks, Minnesota; J.G. Hall & Sons, Edinburg, North Dakota; Nokota Packers, Buxton, North Dakota; O.C. Schultz & Sons, Crystal, North Dakota; Associated Potato Growers, Inc, Grand Forks, North Dakota; “I cannot thank them enough for making this much needed project a true success,” Haun said in a news release about the donation. Although he is ending active operations at Haun Potato at the end of the year and easing into retirement, Haun said in the release that “we will do everything in our power to contin- ue this charitable endeavor as long as we possi- bly can.” The shippers of the Red River Valley are happy to be part of this charitable endeavor and hope to participate with it long into the future. Dave Haun of Haun Potato Company with the representative from the Salvation Army. Potatoes were unloaded from the semi trailer at the warehouse. Potatoes are stored in the warehouse before being distributed.