J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 9 24 POTATO GROWER which reflects the national trend. How about moving forward in the years to come? Going forward, it will take a unified, deliberate effort on the part of the marketers in the Red River Valley to insure a constant profit for the potato growers. We need more of a spirit of cooperation and less of a competitive mindset. The need to work together has never been more important. You have a partnership with Fresh Solutions Network, tell us more about that. Fresh Solutions Network is a good partnership for NoKota Packers. As a network, we have brought to market many innovative potato products and relevant promotion opportuni- ties. We can work cooperatively and provide retail and foodservice customers all their cate- gory needs. How about the NPPGA, how are they helping you? The NPPGA’s Marketing and Public Relations efforts have been tremendously important in keeping our red and yellow potatoes in front of the influencers and buyers. How do you feel that the United Potato Growers of America and there efforts? Our local chapter of United Potato Growers of America, Red River Valley Fresh, is doing a great job of keeping the farmers and marketers informed on the national, regional and local supply of potatoes. Red River Valley Fresh does a weekly conference call to discuss the demand and current market for fresh potatoes. (Left to right) Steve Johnson, Sales Manager, Carissa Olsen, COO, and Mike Rerick, VP of Marketing. Red potatoes going thru Odenberg sorter prior to visual grading. Potatoes in storage waiting to be shipped out.