Turning Back The Clock A Look Back 25 Years Ago at Excerpts from The January 1994 Issue of The Valley Potato Grower Magazine Pesticide Record Keeping A Smart Management Tool Agricultural producers who keep records of their pesticide use are smart managers. By using their pesticide records, they can make decisions which save time and money. Pesticide record keeping shows what works and what doesn’t. Producers can use their pesticide records to analyze the effectiveness of past pesticide appli- cations and determine the best pesticide management program to deal with cur- rent pest problems. It saves money! Pesticide records will enable producers to know and buy the correct amount of pesticides for each growing season. As a result, producers save money and eliminate excess pesti- cide disposal problems. It prevents pesticide failures. Producers can refer to records to determine the cause of poor pesticide performance and prevent a repeat of pesticide failure. It meets buyer requirements. Many pro- duce and grain buyers require informa- tion on pesticides used on the crop. By keeping pesticide records, producers can easily meet these buyer require- ments. It improves crop rotation decisions. Some herbicides have restrictions on following crops. With pesticide records, a producer knows his/her crop rotation options and can make improved deci- sions. It responds to food and water safety questions. Although the US has the safest, most affordable and most abun- dant food supply in the world, food safety concerns continue to be expressed by the general public. Pesticide records will help to calm con- sumer fear regarding the safety of the food supply. It helps secure funding. Some lending institutions and buyers request field records to evaluate potential enviro- mental liability when making land sales or loans. Pesticide records enable pro- ducers to be prepared for meeting the requirements of lending institutions. It provides data to support pesticide use. Pesticide records from across the country can be added to a national database which will accurately reflect pesticide use by producers. Producer efforts to reduce pesticide use can be documented through record keeping. J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 9 POTATO GROWER 15 Highest R-Value Insulation Moisture Barriers Fire Proofing Flat Roofs The Insulation Place 14770 69th Place NE • Grafton, ND 58237 ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ Urethane Spray-On Insulation Eliminates air infiltration & stops condensation Grafton (701) 352-3233 1-800-352-0620 Bismarck (701) 255-0025 1-866-425-0025 Website www.theinsulationplace.com