J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 9 POTATO GROWER 5 also hit hard by the wet conditions and the early October hard freeze. Red supplies are down some in neighboring Manitoba but Quebec, New Bruns-wick and PEI were hit harder. These eastern provinces are major competitors with the Red River Valley, especially on the East Coast. It is the sad truth in the farming business that misfortune for some leads to good fortune for others. We all take our turns at being on the wrong side of this equation, and because we have been there, we have empathy for our brothers and sisters in the other regions that are there now. The biggest unknown going forward is Florida. Florida typically starts shipping red potatoes in February and competing head to head with the Red River Valley. Land availabil- ity should limit any major expan- sion in Florida, but much like the Red River Valley production is very dependent on the weather. Valley shippers are thankful for a good start in 2018 with hopes that 2019 brings more of the same! T J Hall provided this photo from H & S FreshPak in Hoople, North Dakota. Yellow potatoes now make up 20% of the Red River Valley's fresh crop