b'Free2020 International Crop ExpoAdmission Wednesday, February 19th ~ 9 am to 5 pmand Parking \x1fursday, February 20th ~ 9 am to 4 pmAlerus Center, Grand Forks, NDwww.cropexpo.comSeminar TopicsKeynote SpeakersSmall Grains Dr. David Kohl Wednesday Soil Testing after a Wet Fall: How Low Can You Go?1:00 p.m.Wednesday, February 19th Challenges and Opportunities of Using Drones to AidAgriculture Today: It Is What It Is.Whatin Crop Management DecisionsShould We Do About It? Options for Spring Application of FertilizerEmotional Stress on the Farm:Implementing\x1ee agricultural economic down turn is in thePractical Strategies to Cope (Joint Session with Beans)seventh year and counting.Razor thin margins\x1fursdaycombined with increased volatility is the economic environmentthat most in the industry are facing.\x1ee result is massive changes in Small Grain Disease Update: What We Learned in 2019the structure of agriculture and rural communities.What is the stateDrying and Storage Options for High Moisture Grainof the trade agreements and the short and long-term implications2020 Marketing without 20/20 Visionto the bottom line?Where are interest rates, land values, and food(Joint Session with Beans)trends leading the industry?\x1eis session will discuss the assessmentSoybeans / DryBeansof management IQ that often places one in the top third or bottomWednesday third of pro\x1ftability.What are the \x1fnancial and business management characteristics that one must focus on in planning,Optimizing Fungicide Application Methods forstrategizing, executing and monitoring for 2020 and beyond?Improved Management of White Mold in Soybeansand Dry Beans Sponsored by:North Dakota Soybean Fertility RevisionsUpdated Soybean Management PracticesEmotional Stress on the Farm: Implementing PracticalMolly Yeh Strategies to Cope(Joint Session with Small Grains)\x1fursday1:00 p.m.\x1eursday, February 20th Soybean Weed Management Challenges in 2020American chef, blogger and cookbookWhats New for Insect Pests of Dry Beans and Soybean 2020 Marketing without 20/20 Vision author (Joint Session with Small Grains)Molly Yeh is the star of Food Networks series, GirlPotatoesMeets Farm. She rose to national prominence with the debut of herWednesdaymemoir, Molly On \x1ee Range: Recipes and Stories from an Unlikely Life on a Farm. Molly has been featured by the New York Times, Fertilization after Fall FloodingFood & Wine, Bon Appetit, and New York Magazine. Outside theUnited Potato Growers Potato Outlookkitchen, Molly is a Juilliard-trained percussionist and has performedNational Potato Council Updatewith orchestras around the world, in o\x1d-Broadway theatre, and asNew Products from BASF for Potato Managementthe glockenspielist for the pop-band, San Fermin. She lives on aSyngenta - Vibrance Ultra farm on the North Dakota-Minnesota border with her \x1ffth-generationUse of Aerial Imagery for Potato Growersfarmer husband and their little \x1cock of chickens. \x1fursday Minnesota Certi\x1fed Seed Report North DakotaCerti\x1fed Seed Report Sponsored by:Whats with the Wild Fall Weather? Trapping Spores of Late Blight: \x1ee Canadian ExperienceCheck websitePointers on Spring Fumigationfor program times. 2020 Vision on Seed ManagementCommon Scab: A Problem with No Solution? JANUARY 2020 POTATO GROWER 27'