b'worseformanyNorthDakotaagriculturalproducers. Producers are encouraged to con-tact their county Extension agents to reportdamage, losses and conditions they are deal-ing with now. This week, agents are complet-ing a survey to provide a snapshot of the cur-rent situation."It\'s critical for producers to share informa-tion with Extension so that we can assess thecurrent condition across the state," said DougGoehring,NorthDakotaAgricultureCommissioner. "Once that is determined, wewill provide information to the Governor to Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and Ag Commissioner Thom Petersen met withassist in consideration for a Secretarial disas- growers to gather information in East Grand Forks, Minnesota on October 29th.ter declaration." and many other individuals and communi- 11/5/201910/29/2019 ties across North Dakota, Gov. Burgum and Governor Walz and Ag Secretary PetersenAgriculture Commissioner Goehring encour- Visit East Grand Forks - The crisis is drawingBack in the Fields, But Limited Progress -agefriendsandneighborstoreachoutto moreandmoreattentionfromthemediaDespite the relatively dry weather over theeach other. and government officials.Last Tuesday thepastweek,onlylimitedprogresshasbeenmade on the potato harvest in the Red River crisisgottheattentionofMinnesotaTheNorthDakotaDepartmentofHuman Governor Tim Walz and Minnesota State AgValley.Besidesbattlingmuddyconditions,Services Behavioral Health team encourages Commissioner Thom Petersen when they vis-growers are now dealing with limited harvestneighbors to help one another. If someone ited East Grand Forks to meet with growers; ahoursduetofreezingovernighttempera-you know is struggling, you can make the dif- meeting that was facilitated by Petersen\'s ear-tures.Manysugarbeetsalsoremainintheference. More information is available on a lier visit on October 10th.fields which is forcing some growers to prior-newwebpageatwww.behavioralhealth.nd.itize their resources.gov/prevention/suicide,includinghowto The stress and hardship of this year\'s harvesttalk with and support someone under stress was communicated by the 50 or so growersNorth Dakota Elected Officials Continue toand at risk, warning signs, action steps, and thatattendedaquicklyorganizedmeetingSeek Disaster Assistance Programs - In sep-links to connect with behavioral health serv- heldattheMinnesotaPotatoInspectionarate phone calls last week, North Dakota Agices in the state, as well as other resources. It office a week ago today. Petersen brought theCommissionerDougGoehringandGov.is important to take care of yourself while Governor and other state officials with himBurgumbothurgedU.S.Departmentofsupportingothersbygettingenoughrest, this time to allow them to see things firstAgriculture Under Secretary Bill Northey toeating healthy and connecting with others. handandhearfromthoseaffected.Otherrelease the next round of Market FacilitationProgram assistance, due out in November, assoon as possible. The state also is compilingimpacts from the October snowstorm to sup-port a request for a USDA secretarial disasterdesignation.ProducersareencouragedtocontacttheirlocalUSDAFarmServiceAgencyofficetodiscusseligibilityfortheWildfireandHurricaneIndemnityPlusProgram (WHIP+), the Livestock IndemnityProgram, the Emergency Livestock AssistanceProgram or other federal assistance.Mental Health Concerns - With extremelywetconditions,localizedfloodingandan Concern was on the faces of growers Casey Folson, Lonnie Spokely and Justinearly snowstorm impacting farmers, ranchers Dagen at the Walz/Petersen meeting.6 POTATO GROWER JANUARY 2020'